It was Written to be Killed

5 07 2013

As July 4th concluded yesterday to celebrate our independence from being ruled, I reflected on the words in the Constitution and the lives lost in the battle for Freedom. Brothers from thirteen colonies gathered to document the future of a new form of Government. The brothers reflected, discussed, probably yelled at each other over concepts for Big vs Small, over Limited vs Unlimited, over Rulers vs Representatives, over Central vs Decentralized. This was not a one day discussion but years of discussions. The letters sent to the King asking questions of him and the form of government they were under went unanswered. The frustration level of those individuals not knowing or getting an answer only increased because no one wants to be ignored.

There are many questions posed in the Declaration of Independence that reflected feelings in 1774 but do apply to todays standards as well. The frustration level today continues to grow and people who believe in Freedom and respect and honor of the words in the Declaration of Independence as well as the Bill of Rights are shouting louder.

The question I will always ask is, Does any one have Rights over me?

No one has Rights over anyone else…

But a profound statement was said to me on July 4th that lead me to write this blog. A friend and I were chatting about the Rights of People being lost over time and he replied, “The Constitution was written so one day it would be killed.” My friend did not believe that but said it as part of the conversation which I thought was very interesting.

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