Losing my Records

24 06 2016

As the IRS commissoner John Koskinen sits waiting to see if he is impeached for emails that were lost, in the background the IRS also has lost efiled tax returns.  How do I know?  

I am a CPA who has efiled returns since the early introduction of efiling program.  I recall setting up my company either late 90’s or early 2000’s to participate in the efile program.  The IRS required a background check and filing by accounting firms that would be setup as an ERO, Electronic Return Originator.  My firm and myself was approved to participate.  Since then I have filled over thousands of returns.  Each filing is assigned an efiling number and through an electronic exchange the approval is sent back from them approved.

In 2013, I filed my return and got the approval from them that it was received and approved.  Form 9322 is the document for proof of acceptance and receipt.   My system showed this but in 2015 the IRS sent me a notice that I never filed 2013.  I submitted proof of the Form 9322 and after multiple correspondence and a call into the center.  An agent notified me they lost my electronic file.

How does this happen?  Has it happened to anyone else?  What can cause this?  The agency has shown its failure to me in many other ways but this was the straw that should break the camels back.

Impeach all of the IRS and leave the individuals alone.  End the IRS.


Meeting Murray

1 03 2014

It was either 2010 or 2011 I was opening my office to NJ Liberty minded people.   We called the location Liberty HQ and we wanted to have a grand opening with a Guest Speaker.  The group felt Murray Sabrin would be the perfect person to come and speak to the group.  Murray in his prior life was endorsed by a US Congressman from Texas.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivEGITmMazc    He was just perfect for the job.  I reached out to him by phone and introduced myself and ask if he would like to speak at the opening and he eagerly said, “Of Course!”  The group could not have been happier.

The day came and it was my first time meeting Murray in person.  Murray Sabrin was a complete gentleman.  Murray talked about his journey in life and how History could repeat itself.    A brief background, his life started in Germany and his family was one of the few to survive the Holocaust in his family tree.  If you do not know him, please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murray_Sabrin for more information.    He spoke to the group about the economic downfall of the Russia Empire and how the end came when they were bogged down in Afghanistan fighting a war.   He spoke about the Crony Capitalism that America lives under.  Big Business being in bed with government.  Murray spoke about how civil liberties were eroding.  Most importantly Murray reminded us of the Leviathon we call Big Government and how large it has grown since the creation of it since 1776.   He of course was the right speaker for Liberties new Headquarter, Liberty HQ.

Since that time, New Jersey and nearly every other State in the Union are bankrupt or from an Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) perspective a huge Going Concern.   Our current economic policy, under Keynesian Theory models, believes central planners can run everyone’s lives.  On the other hand, Murray and I are inspired by the Austrian Economic Theory, believing you can run your own life.  Central Planning has failed and will continue to fail until Congressman understand Economic Policy.     Murray and I do not think either Democrats or Republicans have a grasp on Economic Theory.

To really see the problems, you must understand the Defined Role as expressed in the Constitution for the American Government.  Its Primary Role is to protect individual Rights.  Second, it defends the land from anyone domestic and foreign who would look to eliminate individual Rights.  Third, it is restrained. Why is it restrained?  To preserve Liberty and Freedom for the Individual.   The Constitution was written as the By Laws of this man made Entity, United States of America and documented the Eighteen Powers the Federal Government has.  The Bill of Rights was written to Reiterate the Natural Law Rights of every Individual.  Rights like thinking, speaking, writing, gathering and questioning were the top Five.  Followed by the ability to protect self, property and Country   All rights not enumerated are protected under the Ninth Amendment otherwise the Tenth Amendment is the People Rights.   Murray and I see the Problem.

I am happy to say it was a pleasure Meeting Murray.   Murray has decided to run for the United States Senate Seat for the State of New Jersey under the Republican ticket.  We are looking for Volunteers, we are looking for Contributions in kind, in Federal Reserve Notes, in Bitcoins, in Gold or Silver, we are looking for Petition collectors.  Of course, I will have to check with the Federal Election Commission if other competing currencies can be contributed.

Anyway, Meeting Murray was a life changing event and I believe everyone he meets will feel the same way.

I am excited that he is running for the US Senate and he is being Endorsed by NeilShrugged.com

Who wants to take the Red Pill?

12 12 2013

I just had the pleasure of watching The Matrix again and each time I watch it; it gets better and better. The movie shows a society where the masters control our minds, the masters have the ability to be in us and take over our thoughts and watch for the individual who wants to free themselves from the masters. So the question posed in the Matrix is if you take the Blue Pill you stay controlled by the thoughts and ideas of the Matrix or you take the Red Pill and see the world from a different view.

Neo as he is called decides to take the Red Pill and is taken away to start the new learning process. The first thing they teach him is how to defend himself, the second is letting him experience the growth within himself to believe he is the one. Confidence in oneself has to be learned or experienced while in life curves are thrown at you. The masters in the meantime continue to inject our minds with garbage so they can break us. This is the scene when they have Morpheus in the chair and they keep injecting him with toxins to break him so they can learn the code to break the individual.

In the end, Neo is the one who leads the people out of this Master-Slave concept. Sovereignty itself is, of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source of law; but in our sytem, while sovereign powers are delegated to the agencies of government, sovereignty itself remains with the people, by whom and for whom the government exists and acts. And the law is the definition and limitation of power. Yick Wo vs. Hopkins.

The individual created the state and the state created the Federal Government. Who controls who Take the Red Pill and enjoy the ride…

Final Finding of Facts

15 10 2013

Here is the Filing that the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is suing me over:


Neil Schloss, CPA




Internal Revenue Service

Kiera Whitaker

Randall Gardner

Steven T Miller

Timothy Geithner

William J. Wilkins


Jointly, individually and personally





Verified Declaration of Findings of Facts and Conclusions at Law in this Cause as a Natural Consequence of Default Judgment



Neil Schloss, sui juris and competent to testify with first hand knowledge herein claims at law default judgment for want of a plea based upon:


Having sent Agent Whitaker ID 0209358 a document request demonstrating federal jurisdiction contrary to my opinion, on or about October Twenty Fourth Two Thousand Twelve, Certified Mail # 7011 1570 0002 9926 0525, addressing the understanding that Article I Section Eight Clause Seventeen defines the legal definition of jurisdiction of the federal government and its agencies and to demonstrate this Clause to have been superseded, suspended, or abolished for any reason.


Agent Whitaker  failed to respond to the original request causing the Undersigned on or about December Nineteenth Two Thousand Twelve, Certified Mail # 7011 1570 0002 9926 0419 and Certified Mail #7011 1570 0002 9926 0587, to draft First Amendment Complaint for Redress and Demand.


Internal Revenue Service (hereinafter “IRS’) again fails to respond and causes Undersigned, on or about January Twenty Third Two Thousand Thirteen, Registered Mail # RE 564126594US sent to Agent Randall Gardner and RE564126585US sent to Agent Whitaker and RE564126577US sent to Department of Treasury in Cincinnati, Ohio and RE564126617US sent to Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner and RE564126603US sent to Commissioner Steven Miller, to draft an Emergency First Amendment Complaint for Final Default with Ten Day Notice to Cure.


Again the IRS fails to respond causing the Undersigned to draft, on or about February Thirteen Two Thousand Thirteen, Registered Mail # RE564127095US sent to Chief Council William Wilkins and RE564127127US sent to Department of Treasury in Cincinnati, Ohio and RE564127113US sent to Agent Kiere Jacobs Whitaker and RE564127135US sent to Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner and RE564127144US sent to IRS Commissioner Steve Miller and RE564127100US sent to Agent Randall Gardner, a second First Amendment Default Complaint for Final Default with Ten Day Notice to Cure.


The IRS sent no response.  The lack of response shows a lack of respect for due process and a lack of respect for redressing an individual’s grievance shocks the conscious and is an example of the continuing mixed war and intentional irreparable injury made upon the Undersigned and clients by the IRS.  The subject matter of the Undersigned’s Request for Documents was to show, All Documents demonstrating any United States (hereinafter “US”) or United States of America (hereinafter “USA”) and/or state venue/jurisdiction/authority and all such interests in or over the being or property of the undersigned (requester) and clients he represents, not the interpretation of the Internal Revenue Code.


Thus, the Undersigned, having not received replies, the IRS therefore intentionally defaulting by neglect or refusal of ministerial duty to reveal a source of jurisdiction/venue/authority/duty and therefore judgment falling as a natural consequence of an at law want of a plea,


And knowing the US Attorneys Manual states on criminal jurisdiction that there must be a nexus tied to unlawful use of interstate commerce, 18 U.S.C. § 2314, federal insurance,  18 U.S.C. §  2113, foreign affairs (e.g., 18 U.S.C. §§ 659, 2113, 2314), or mail, 18 U.S.C. §  1341, if the crime is not committed upon federal ceded soil,


And having never been appraised of any such nexus, nor have any verified filings or affidavits showing any civil/criminal jurisdiction/venue/nexus/authority/duty after repeated attempts to find some thread of jurisdiction/venue/authority/duty by administrative means,


And having seen the jury instructions for willful failure to file, which is not the case, which has no instruction of jurisdiction/venue/authority, thus assumes jurisdiction upon the Undersigned which is an error in law, and as such assumes a duty, which is also an error in law as there is or is not a duty, clearly defined as a matter of law,


And where lack of duty and jurisdiction is fatal to a case unless shown upon the record, and no such record exists or the IRS would surely come forth with such record, to keep this Man from error,


And a Man has a clear right not to live a perpetual state of mixed war and for this cause has sought remedy administerially and been frustrated without end,


And where, Art. 1, Sec. 8, Cl. 17 defines the limits of Congress specifically and gives no room for latitude, and the IRS has not shown this Man to be within those limits or to have such duty to file,


And where the code is not the law of the Sovereign and the Sovereign is not named in the codes except as for His protection, as explicitly shown in the Man’s filings by quote of Yick Wo v Hopkins,


And where Hale v Henkle declares that the unenfranchised man has no duty to government and only has a right to be protected by such government in his private affairs,


Where Federal was defined in Constitutional Convention as only having power to act upon the several states and not the People in the several states and the federal government having never denied such and the Supreme court upheld such fact in US v Lopez and Hagans v Levine,


And where the 16th Amendment has no words of enlargement of jurisdiction and clearly defines the subject as the “several states” in keeping with the only true “subjects” of Congress as a “federal” government.


And where “Silence can be equated with fraud where there is a legal or moral duty to speak, or where an inquiry left unanswered would be intentionally misleading. . . We cannot condone this shocking behavior by the IRS. Our revenue system is based on the good faith of the taxpayer and the taxpayers should be able to expect the same from the government in its enforcement and collection activities.” U.S. v. Tweel, 550 F.2d 297, 299. See also U.S. v. Prudden, 424 F.2d 1021, 1032; Carmine v. Bowen, 64 A. 932. 


Therefore IRS having shown no such jurisdiction/venue, and IRS having defaulted at all times relevant to this case, to declare or prove jurisdiction upon the record or to make a record of such, and time now past to do so, absent an immediate administrative determination to the contrary,


Therefore, this is an at law default declaration by the Sovereign, that He or his clients will not be subject to unlawful jurisdiction or future tax returns except to claim a refund, and demands a return of all funds paid in prior years for the same, as he was coerced to sign financial instruments and file out of threat, duress, and coercion of prosecution for such failure which is a fraud.


Further, non notorious acts of IRS notwithstanding, this is a default judgment upon the IRS for want of an administrative determination. As the IRS is required by ministerial duty to the Sovereign, and the IRS having shown strong and persistent bias against the Man in his effort to obtain a true remedy and offering no remedy, therefore, this flesh and blood Man being the Creator of the Constitution, artificial entity governments, it’s courts and Superior to and not subject to his creations in every respect by right of law for want of a plea, 


Hereby declares as the Founders did by Declaration, and orders that by the silence of the IRS, in default and for want of a plea, have affirmed that this Man and his clients are indeed Sovereign and Superior and in the words of Justice Matthews in Yick Wo, “is not subject to law”, other than as a source of natural law of His Creator, and as such has a right to recoupment and a right to be left alone in his Being and Property.








Findings of facts clearly show Neil Evan Schloss, CPA and his clients are not subject to the Jurisdiction of the Internal Revenue Service by lawful judgment for want of a plea in default.


So declared as a matter of law, 

and submitted this ______ Day of _______________, 2013.




Neil Schloss


109 Mercer Street

Hightstown, NJ 08520



I, Neil Evan Schloss affirm that the facts stated in this Finding of Facts and Conclusions at Law for want of a plea are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and not meant for any improper purpose.




Neil Evan Schloss



We, the undersigned, witnesses this          day of                              ,2013, that the one known to us to be Neil Evan Schloss, did personally appear before us in Mercer County, State of New Jersey, and upon affirmation execute and affix the above signature.


___________________________________                           ____________________________                                                               

(Witness Signature)                                                                 (Address)



___________________________________                           ____________________________                                                               

(Witness Signature)                                                                 (Address)



11 10 2013

It all started in a town called Edison, NJ.  I grew up there and the neighborhood was filled with lots of kids.  We scheduled baseball games in the cul-de-sac, football games near the elementary school, and hockey games in our driveway. It was a great town and right around the corner from our house was the Edison Light Tower.  This was a memorial to honor one of the greatest inventors in history, Thomas Edison.  He lived across the street from the memorial which was destroyed I think by fire but this street was the first to have street lights which he discovered.  It was a truly magical place to live and grow up.  Great families, great kids and amazing talent came out of Edison.


Fast forward forty two years and we have all moved on to new places but many have taken the magic with them.   We have screenwriters out in L.A., writers for Time magazine, successful doctors, lawyers but most importantly mom’s that are passing on the magic to their kids.   My mom instilled a lot of magic in me.  She fostered confidence in me. She gave 100% back to the community helping in the schools and being involved in the community events.  She was a super mom but passed away early at the age of 59 from Breast Cancer.  October 11 this year would have been her 71st birthday.   This article is a tribute to my mom for her strength and courage.


Recently, I was served a complaint by the United States of America on Sept. 5th this year asking for a legal document I wrote and filed in the Ocean County clerks office to be expunged from the recorders office.  The complaint also asked the court to ban me from doing it again.  The legal basis for such a request and there reason to pray for relief as stated in their complaint is as follows:


1.  Federal rules for civil procedure under rule 3 require a complaint against them must be filed in a court.    This was not stated in the complaint but trying to figure out the legal basis after discussion and research led me to this conclusion since there was no other basis I could come up with.


This seemed strange but I guess my document had some clout to it or they wouldn’t need to sue me to get the document erased or in a magician’s term, make it disappear.


I retained an attorney to help settle the complaint by agreeing to some of the terms and am awaiting their response.   The federal government shut down has delayed their answer which puts them in jeopardy of defaulting on answering.  They gave me 21 days to respond while on my legal documents I gave them 190 days to respond to my complaint.   Seems fair….  By the way, it is nearly 365 days since asking them a question and they have not answered my complaint to the questions asked.  


I ask who should be in default here.  Does the Federal Government, who can evidently sue me at anytime and request that I not be able to file in court ever again, no longer have a duty to respond to its citizens?  However, I find it equally troubling that most of its citizens look at a notice from the IRS as a threat and pay them without even considering if they should or not.  Would you walk into a court room accused of murder and simply walk right into jail without asking a question?  And if the Federal Government had all of the evidence, wouldn’t you feel entitled to view it as well?  That doesn’t seem to be how the story unfolds with the Federal Government. 


You can ask as many questions as you want, but they don’t need to provide you an answer.  Get audited and you have to provide them 100% of your expenses and answer any question they have or it’s deemed non-deductible.  The phrase double standard comes to mind and it’s a real thing, ask any woman who’s ever been beaten out by a man for a job, ask any child that has ever been told “because I said so”, ask any black man that grew up in segregation.  The moral of the story is, if a double standard is so dangerous in our society, how can the Federal Government get away with it without anyone questioning or caring?  Apathy is the only answer I can surmise. 


Well, this has been a two year journey to understand the LAW and we will see which road it leads to.   Maybe my magical document had some effect on the government shutting down.  


I will be updating you on the background of these legal documents as time goes on.  The case number is 3:13-CV-04984-MAS-DEA and the recorded document in Ocean County, New Jersey is Book 15517 Page 68 through Page 71. 

No Blinking Signs

25 12 2012

I received a second letter from the zoning officer saying I will be in possession of a violation of town ordinance Chapter 29-5(a). I was initially informed by the Construction Official who stopped by my office as a courtesy visit to inform me of the first letter that was being sent. He told me the Open Sign in my window violates the zoning ordinance. The open sign is used to inform my customers that I am open for business. This sign is used for the Magic Store which I guess without the sign magically people will know that I am open. The town expects me to purchase a new sign that does not blink Open and has a solid word that states Open. As a magic store that represents a fun and exciting time to challenge the mind, put smiles on the faces of all ages, and most importantly bring Magic to Hightstown. The government wants to violate my rights as a taxpayer, a businessman and most importantly as a individual of the United States.

The concern I have on this zoning ordinance is the violation of two pertinent constitutional rights I have. One being my right to Freedom of Speech and second the right to Private Property rights. All of us have god given rights. Who ever your god is? But there are certain inalienable rights given to us by our Natural Right. Our Constitution codified these rights by men who fought for their freedom from their rulers. The two rights being the 1st Amendment and the 4th Amendment specifically state that I as a citizen of the United States have the right to speak without the infringement of our government. The idea of a town saying I can not have a sign that spells out OPEN truly violates this right. Second, this property that the sign is in does not exist in a government owned piece of property. It is in a privately owned building that the rights on that property reside with the owner and not with the Government. The zoning code which is the creation from a government residing body should and only apply to government building and public places not relate to the private property. This is in all ways a violation of your 4th Amendment rights.

NJ Lieutenant Governor Endorses Obama

25 07 2012

On April 10th a lawsuit was filed with the State of NJ, Powers & Ward vs State of NJ to ask all Presidential Candidates to show proof of citizenship as required under the US Constitution. This filing required Romney, Paul, Santorum, Gingrich and Obama to prove citizenship to be eligible for the NJ Primaries being held on June 5th.

The court ruled that NJ State statute does not require the candidates to show proof of citizenship. The US Constitution requires Natural Born Citizens to be eligible see Wikipedia definition.


Under Article 41 of the New Jersey oath taken by Government officials, they swear to uphold the US Constitution. http://law.onecle.com/new-jersey/41-oaths-and-affidavits/1-1.html

The case was upheld and the Lieutenant Governor signed off on the case totally ignoring her Oath to uphold the Constitution. As for candidates running that have been questioned on this issue, Obama is the only candidate who has been questioned on this. For the Lt. Governor to sign off on this only confirms her Endorsement for Obama.