It was Written to be Killed

5 07 2013

As July 4th concluded yesterday to celebrate our independence from being ruled, I reflected on the words in the Constitution and the lives lost in the battle for Freedom. Brothers from thirteen colonies gathered to document the future of a new form of Government. The brothers reflected, discussed, probably yelled at each other over concepts for Big vs Small, over Limited vs Unlimited, over Rulers vs Representatives, over Central vs Decentralized. This was not a one day discussion but years of discussions. The letters sent to the King asking questions of him and the form of government they were under went unanswered. The frustration level of those individuals not knowing or getting an answer only increased because no one wants to be ignored.

There are many questions posed in the Declaration of Independence that reflected feelings in 1774 but do apply to todays standards as well. The frustration level today continues to grow and people who believe in Freedom and respect and honor of the words in the Declaration of Independence as well as the Bill of Rights are shouting louder.

The question I will always ask is, Does any one have Rights over me?

No one has Rights over anyone else…

But a profound statement was said to me on July 4th that lead me to write this blog. A friend and I were chatting about the Rights of People being lost over time and he replied, “The Constitution was written so one day it would be killed.” My friend did not believe that but said it as part of the conversation which I thought was very interesting.

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16 11 2012

Guys, I have been so busy with Wrestling Season starting for my town that I did not let you know that I am the New School Board Member for Millstone Township, NJ. I received the 3rd most votes ever in the history of the School Board Elections and I just finished being the State Coordinator for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. They did not assign a State Coordinator since we did the campaign in NJ with grassroots people. The members always told people I was the State Coordinator but in truth they coordinated I just sat back and watched. I organized the whole slate of candidates for his line and not one of us on the ballot had or do have name recognition except for two, State Senator Michael Doherty and Murray Sabrin. These guys I got to meet along the campaign and they both have stood on two different principles.

Murray comes from an Economic/Monetary Policy view. Murray is an economist and Professor at a School in North Jersey. He ran for Governor of New Jersey under the libertarian ticket and has been the only one to receive matching funds to participate in the debates. He also ran for Senate.

State Senator Doherty and I have only met since he has been a State Senator. will give you more detail on him. He gets Dr. Pauls reason for a new Foreign Policy. I think Mike speaks from experience and his kids get it as well.

Well I was invited by State Senator Doherty to speak on behalf of the grassroots at the Ron Paul Rally in Trenton back in the Spring of 2011 (I can not recall when it was held but I am guessing Spring). I was the opening act of a lineup of great people. I talked about my reason for speaking. I talked about opening the HQ, listening to speakers or authors like F. A. Hayek, Mises, Henry Hazlett, Frederic Bastiat, Murray Rothbard, Lew Rockwell, Tom Woods, Walter Block, Clyde Hyde, Murray Sabrin, Senator Michael Doherty, Adam Kokesh, Rand Paul, Who is John Galt?, Peter Schiff, and a real spy as I told my son, Michael Scheuer, and many many more but truthfully I do not listen to Ron Paul anymore. He gave his farewell speech on the House floor and spoke for over 45 minutes. Many people are sad that he is leaving but I am glad since he needs a break. He is a Great-Grandfather to many.

His teachings along with the ones I listed and ones I did not, have given me knowledge of America and of the importance of our founding document (The Law of the Land).

I recently performed the first ever magic show teaching the constitution. The group that came was amazed at what they did not know along with the magic. They thought they knew a lot. It was the Grassroots Members of Liberty. I told them stuff they did not even know which I expected them to know. The group asked if I was doing a second show and I am planning to do it again in Dec.

After I spoke the line up was Murray Sabrin, Senator Doherty and the Honorable Dr. Ron Paul. Murray and I became friends when he spoke at my office as he was Guest Speaker for the Grand opening of “Grassroots New Jersey Ron Paul Liberty HQ” which is now known as Liberty HQ for the members.

We have just held a reorganization meeting for the reformed, Campaign for Liberty in New Jersey Organization . C4L took a hiatus once Dr. Paul announced his candidacy. If you are not sure what the group is about you can look at

So back to what distracted me from my Win in the Election.

I am the Wrestling Head Coach for K-2nd Grade. These are the most amazing kids I know. There is one kid on our team who everyone looks up to. He brings tears to everyone’s eyes cause of his courage, heart, and love for living but I look up to all of them.

We had our first wrestle offs today and all the kids won. Not one kid went off that Mat with their hand not raised. I raised them all cause I told them they are winners being on this mat.

The smile on the parents faces was just wonderful. One woman had her IPad whipped out so she could either record her daughter wrestling on a Mat with a boy for the first time or facetiming with her friend, maybe her husband, or parents to show . I told the mother after how cute she was. Her daughter had on a smile that was from ear to ear while she did front rolls and handstands that her coach was showing her..

Wrestling has been where my mind goes. The lessons these kids are learning about themselves; striving to take a person down and pin them and then shake hands after and say awesome match when do we go again and then wrestle a different style to beat his opponent the next time. Is a lesson everyone should learn!!!! Winning is trying, speaking, questioning, thinking, and never stop learning.

Who is John Galt?




Is Insurance needed or Health Care?

2 07 2012

I am surrounded in my circle of friends with a lot of Doctors. Doctors from all different specialities. I have family practice doctors, general practitioners, podiatrists, cardiologists, and many other categories and the discussions I have with them is based on one simple fact.

They want to help their patients. They want to take the skills they have learned and apply it in real life. They want to give back one of the best skills needed. To Fix an Individual. To save a life. To make some one better. They want to provide care for a patient and make them live. They want to give them life. They want to give them liberty and the opportunity to pursue happiness.

Insurance is not what we need. Insurance is a middle man getting between you and your doctor. It is creating a divide among us. Insurance is what this country is fighting. We are giving the federal government the power and the right to have us insure anything in the future since Insurance is what was deemed to be constitutional.

I have never felt more violated by our government till 6/28/12. I think that is the day because I am trying to forget that day just like I try to forget 9/11/01. There are moments in our lives that we focus on loss sight of the future. We look back at a moment and determine what our future should be. I am a rainbows and unicorn type of person. I see good. I see peace. I see fun. I see laughing. I see love. I see joy. I see me making a change in this world. I avoid bad. I avoid war. I avoid no fun. I avoid crying. I avoid hate. I avoid sadness.

My previous post was about our Governor. A man who is standing up against bigger government. He does have some faults but his challenge is doing what is right for NJ. I hope he stands up for State’s Rights and talks about Health Care not Insurance. Our country currently has the best doctors in the world.

My son was diagnosed early on in his childhood with a laryngeal web. That is in simple terms an obstruction in the vocal cords. His voice is raspy and that for him is his only condition from it. Maybe that will be his asset when he is older. My wife and I went to a local ear, nose and throat doctor to have him diagnosed. My wife and I felt we were the Guinea Pig for these doctors. The excitement of each doctor we met who heard our son had a laryngeal web got gitty (if that is the spelling) over seeing this since it would be there first time seeing this for real and not in a book. We were discouraged by the lack of experience the doctors we met had on this subject but the only good that come out of it was there general suggestion. If you want the best go see Dr. Cotton in Cincinnati. I think it was two or three ENT doctors that said the same thing without giving them Dr. Cotton’s name. Each independently said, if you really want the best opinion go see Dr. Cotton in Cincinnati. There was one experience with one doctor who’s excitement to do a surgery on my son scared us because my wife and I felt it was his first ever.

Anyway, we ended up scheduling an appointment with him after sending him the reports from these consultations we had with the other doctors and he took our case. This was Health Care being provided not Insurance. Dr. Cotton’s office was one of the best I have ever dealt with. They predetermined the coverage I had. They predetermined the cost it was to me. They predetermined if it was not covered that I would be able to afford it. They worked with me.

My insurance I had at that time was not the best type of insurance. My insurance was affordable to me. It was affordable to my employees. But the concern of the doctor I dealt with was concerned for my sons Health Care. Doctors today are treated much different than they were in the past.

Doctors provided Health Care to patients and patients dealt with their Doctors. We have put this third party between us and now the insurance company negotiates for us. If I am a dying man, I prefer to negotiate with my doctor not anyone else unless I knew they loved me like my wife, father, or kids. I am not sure if I would want an insurance company deciding if the procedure that is going to cost the insurance company a lot of money is going to be done or not.

I have never met a doctor that has no heart. I have never met a doctor who believes in helping the patient. If I ever met a doctor that had no heart and did not believe in helping me, they would not be my doctor and I would not send anyone to them. Therefore this doctor would not be a practicing doctor but a bankrupt doctor.

So I ask, do we need insurance or Health Care?
e pig

Governor Christie to uphold State’s Rights in New Jersey

2 07 2012

This article has not been edited for Grammar, Spelling, Run On Sentences, Punctuations, Capitalization, and/or any other English related class. I am a CPA who excels in Math and lacks in the area of writing. My editors are working on this part so please enjoy before the final article comes out.

Rumor has it that Governor Christie will be coming out strongly for State’s Rights, 10th Amendment, to stand up for New Jersey and it’s right to not allow Obamacare to come to New Jersey. As a Republican Governor and a man to stand up to the wrong that comes from government intervention, Christie feels the 10th Amendment in the Constitution must be enforced over Judge Roberts, supreme court judge, who ruled in favor of the Constitutionality of Obamacare.

State’s Rights one of the most important Amendment to the constitution give our Governor this right. I would be very surprised if Governor Christie goes against his word by not using this power. I personally believe if Christie does come out with this stance, he will go down in History not only in New Jersey but in the World for taking on the King, Obama.

Now to get back to State’s Rights, there are two great documents discussed back in history on what the meaning of State’s Rights are: they are the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. I would highly recommend reading these or googling them.

Here is a link:

New Jersey in the Year 2012 needs to make its own Resolution that the Federal Government can not and will not have the right to tell New Jersey what to do. This would be in my mind, what a Big Fat Italian would say coming from New Jersey. Probably would be in line with the many other things we have heard coming from him in the past.

Governor Christie has taken on many great things in NJ and is trying to right what is wrong but going about it the wrong way. His use of Force and Intimidation, falls right in line with how TV has portrayed NJ Italian Families. I remember when I was a kid only 23, right out of college, I moved to Hoboken, the home to Frank Sinatra. We had clubs that were on almost every corner of Hoboken and they were known as the Mafia hangouts. The day after I bought my first condo, the FBI raid two clubs on each corner of my city block. It turned out to be if I remember correctly the Genovese and Gambino families. My thoughts back then being young and stupid was thank god they got ride of one of the biggest crime families since I was told that. Wikipedia today reports them as

As an older and wiser person, I realized they are not criminals they are the governments competition. In business it is wise to get rid of your competition.

Now back to Christie and his upholding State’s Rights, this message from Christie is expected to be announced on July 4th, Independence Day. The day we won our freedom. The day America was born and the day in our lives people remember Individualism. For the record, their is a Constitution Day that goes unrecognized by many. The New Jersey Resolution will be heard around the world.

New Jersey must and will stand up for State’s Rights before the Federal Government will make any law and Judge Roberts will declare it Constitutional and our King will rule the world. What palace did Judge Roberts just inherit…..

Republican Party to commit Suicide

22 04 2012

Over the past 4 years, I have witnessed a battle being waged from within one’s group. I have watched disagreements and complete ignorance of a chance for the Republican party to embrace members but more likely will turn them off and risk the chance of ruining and shrinking the party, thereby committing suicide in the process.

A recent member of the Republican party sent a video to a prominent member of the Republican Party and asked them to watch this video. It was a true Republican speaking about the tenants of limited govt., fiscal conservative, liberty for us all, pro-life, and a true respect for the United States Constitution and the response from the prominent member was, “I guess you are not a Republican anymore.” which based on a statement like that means Republicans do not believe in the beliefs above. They do not believe in the Constituion, they do not believe in sound fiscal policy, they do not believe in the role of the Federal Govt.

The Republican Party has lost its way and with it will lose a lot more members if it does not recognize the fact that the constitution limits our governments power, the constitution sets the role of govt out for a segregration of its roles to limit its power, the constitution defines the freedoms we as humans deserve in the United States of America. The constitution establishes a limited role for a Federal govt and gives States the bigger role in the rule of law. The constitution at its best tried to limit centralization of power and limit the rule of law from top down rather for it to be a bottom up direction.

As the nomination for the next President is soon to be determined by the Party, the Republican party must be careful not to alienate its member and loss them forever. We must respect the differences we see in our approach to the role of the Federal Govt but do not question if a person with values stated above: Fiscal Conservative, Limited govt, Pro-life, Respect for the Constitution, and Liberty for us all is not a Republican.

I would say, please look in the mirror before you throw stones in a glass house. The party must recognize the strengths it has and the ability for it to grow larger before it commits its own Suicide.

Are you smarter than a Congressman?

22 04 2012

Recently, I was having a conversation with my five and seven year old and decided to question them on fundamental financial question. As a CPA, I have always stressed the issue of financial responsibility and living within your means. I have stressed the understanding of managing your finances and what money is. So I asked my two boys, Parker and Monroe, simple questions. The first question was if you made $100 a year would you spend more than $100 or spend less? The second question was would you ever spend more then you would make? The final question was Are you smarter than a Congressman? Their answers were a resounding Less, No and Yes respectively.

Well I know you guys would answer the same way because if you answer it the wrong way it makes no sense…

I would love you to ask any kid these questions and see if they ever get it wrong. So this is the reason kids are smarter than a Congressman? Please look at the record of your current congressman and look at the candidates running against them and consider replacing our current congressman with new ones who hopefully understand the financial mess we are in and put us back on the right path.

Liberty University Revolts Against The Republican Darling

22 04 2012

I just read an Article saying Liberty University is holding a Revolution against Mitt Romney. I wonder why they should do such a thing to the chosen one. I wonder why the students do not just stop complaining and listen to their masters. I wonder why a College Student should not just sit in class and accept the indoctrination into Keynes Economics. I wonder why most teachers continue pushing a history lesson on students that are Broken and Failed Policies. Our country is close to a collapse of it’s Currency and we are worried about a mad man in a Middle Eastern country that currently does not have a Nuclear Weapon, a country that can not produce it’s own Gas and maybe in the future (date TBD) have one Nuclear War Head that if fired will have over 380 Nuclear War Heads from Israel being fired back, hopefully without the US Permission. Liberty University students you should be ashamed of yourselves for Revolting against Romney. Please go back to taking the Dlue Pill or the Red Pill (I relate the Pills to M&M’s each pill will have a D on it or a R on it).

Students, please stop supporting Ron Paul.

He is CRAZY. Crazy to tell you the honest truth. Crazy like James Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life where he is telling you, “Your money is in Joe’s house and your money is in Sally’s house and your money is with Neil’s business. We can get through this. How much do you need right now? How much do you need? See we can do this, we can make it through this mess.”. Please take the time to read Wikipedia on the Movie Plot. Substitute these characters for the movie. George Bailey being played by US. Each and everyone one of us is a George Bailey. Clarence played by Dr. Ron Paul. George Bailey brother played by Mitt Romney. Henry Potter played by our Current Gov and the Federal Reserve Bank. Dr. Paul’s message is about Liberty and Freedom. Belief in oneself and you are someone’s treasure even when you are down and out. Let’s get Dr. Paul some Wings.

Oh I forgot, Students forget about that analogy go back to the M&M’s.

He is OLD. OLD like Santiago in THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA by Earnest Hemmingway. Please take the time to read Wikipedia and THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA substitute these characters with these Actors in the Plot Summary. Dr. Ron E Paul, playing Santiago. Mitt Romney playing the Marlin. Obama playing the Sharks. Manolin playing any college student reading this. Be proud that you support Dr. Paul. His knowledge and wisdom and honesty is a breath of fresh air.

Why do I do this? Students of Liberty University support Romney the Keynesian Republican Candidate who does want to stop our current War Policy. Support Romney since he does not feel the Federal Reserve System is not the problem but the solution. Support Romney because yesterday he was for Gay Marriage and today he is not. Support Romney because yesterday he was for Romneycare but today he is not for Obamacare.

He CAN NOT WIN. CAN NOT WIN like Louden Swain in Vision Quest. Please take the time to read Wikipedia on this. Actors are as follows. Dr. Ron Paul plays Louden Swain. Mitt Romney plays Brian Shute. In the end, Dr. Paul wins. His message is clear, his vision is on the message and students of Liberty University see and hear the message loud and clear.

All comments are welcome to this and please pass this on to friends and family.