My name is Neil Schloss and I am a man of many talents.  Ha Ha. Maybe I should say I am still sane.   To others I am not sure if they would agree.  I am a father of two fantastic boys, Parker and Monroe.    I have a wonderful and beautiful wife, Kristin.  She is more then wonderful and beautiful but my literary talents are limited so I will stick with wonderful and beautiful to describe her.

I am a CPA and that is my main business.  Everyday I help friends and family out with questions on financial and technical issues.  A call could come from a friend buying a home and has some questions.  Or from a client with computer questions.  Or to discuss their latest success in their business.   A CPA becomes a confidante, a phychologist, a member of that persons inner circle and thought.   Strange as it sounds but I love that.    I love helping others get a better understanding of their financial life and life in general.    But the hardest part I have to wrap my head around is the forces that work against them.

Forces such as an economic downturn, bad financial decision they fall into, and most important the function of govt in each and everyone’s lives.   These are the forces I end up discussing more with my friends these days then anything else.   Everyone that knows me can vouch for that.

So this blog is about Politics and your lives.  Things they do to stir your emotions, things they do to stir my emotion.   I hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

One last thing, I am a CPA and not a writer so please accept my apologies on grammar and punctuations.


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