Losing my Records

24 06 2016

As the IRS commissoner John Koskinen sits waiting to see if he is impeached for emails that were lost, in the background the IRS also has lost efiled tax returns.  How do I know?  

I am a CPA who has efiled returns since the early introduction of efiling program.  I recall setting up my company either late 90’s or early 2000’s to participate in the efile program.  The IRS required a background check and filing by accounting firms that would be setup as an ERO, Electronic Return Originator.  My firm and myself was approved to participate.  Since then I have filled over thousands of returns.  Each filing is assigned an efiling number and through an electronic exchange the approval is sent back from them approved.

In 2013, I filed my return and got the approval from them that it was received and approved.  Form 9322 is the document for proof of acceptance and receipt.   My system showed this but in 2015 the IRS sent me a notice that I never filed 2013.  I submitted proof of the Form 9322 and after multiple correspondence and a call into the center.  An agent notified me they lost my electronic file.

How does this happen?  Has it happened to anyone else?  What can cause this?  The agency has shown its failure to me in many other ways but this was the straw that should break the camels back.

Impeach all of the IRS and leave the individuals alone.  End the IRS.




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