Meeting Murray

1 03 2014

It was either 2010 or 2011 I was opening my office to NJ Liberty minded people.   We called the location Liberty HQ and we wanted to have a grand opening with a Guest Speaker.  The group felt Murray Sabrin would be the perfect person to come and speak to the group.  Murray in his prior life was endorsed by a US Congressman from Texas.    He was just perfect for the job.  I reached out to him by phone and introduced myself and ask if he would like to speak at the opening and he eagerly said, “Of Course!”  The group could not have been happier.

The day came and it was my first time meeting Murray in person.  Murray Sabrin was a complete gentleman.  Murray talked about his journey in life and how History could repeat itself.    A brief background, his life started in Germany and his family was one of the few to survive the Holocaust in his family tree.  If you do not know him, please see for more information.    He spoke to the group about the economic downfall of the Russia Empire and how the end came when they were bogged down in Afghanistan fighting a war.   He spoke about the Crony Capitalism that America lives under.  Big Business being in bed with government.  Murray spoke about how civil liberties were eroding.  Most importantly Murray reminded us of the Leviathon we call Big Government and how large it has grown since the creation of it since 1776.   He of course was the right speaker for Liberties new Headquarter, Liberty HQ.

Since that time, New Jersey and nearly every other State in the Union are bankrupt or from an Certified Public Accountants (CPA’s) perspective a huge Going Concern.   Our current economic policy, under Keynesian Theory models, believes central planners can run everyone’s lives.  On the other hand, Murray and I are inspired by the Austrian Economic Theory, believing you can run your own life.  Central Planning has failed and will continue to fail until Congressman understand Economic Policy.     Murray and I do not think either Democrats or Republicans have a grasp on Economic Theory.

To really see the problems, you must understand the Defined Role as expressed in the Constitution for the American Government.  Its Primary Role is to protect individual Rights.  Second, it defends the land from anyone domestic and foreign who would look to eliminate individual Rights.  Third, it is restrained. Why is it restrained?  To preserve Liberty and Freedom for the Individual.   The Constitution was written as the By Laws of this man made Entity, United States of America and documented the Eighteen Powers the Federal Government has.  The Bill of Rights was written to Reiterate the Natural Law Rights of every Individual.  Rights like thinking, speaking, writing, gathering and questioning were the top Five.  Followed by the ability to protect self, property and Country   All rights not enumerated are protected under the Ninth Amendment otherwise the Tenth Amendment is the People Rights.   Murray and I see the Problem.

I am happy to say it was a pleasure Meeting Murray.   Murray has decided to run for the United States Senate Seat for the State of New Jersey under the Republican ticket.  We are looking for Volunteers, we are looking for Contributions in kind, in Federal Reserve Notes, in Bitcoins, in Gold or Silver, we are looking for Petition collectors.  Of course, I will have to check with the Federal Election Commission if other competing currencies can be contributed.

Anyway, Meeting Murray was a life changing event and I believe everyone he meets will feel the same way.

I am excited that he is running for the US Senate and he is being Endorsed by




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