11 10 2013

It all started in a town called Edison, NJ.  I grew up there and the neighborhood was filled with lots of kids.  We scheduled baseball games in the cul-de-sac, football games near the elementary school, and hockey games in our driveway. It was a great town and right around the corner from our house was the Edison Light Tower.  This was a memorial to honor one of the greatest inventors in history, Thomas Edison.  He lived across the street from the memorial which was destroyed I think by fire but this street was the first to have street lights which he discovered.  It was a truly magical place to live and grow up.  Great families, great kids and amazing talent came out of Edison.


Fast forward forty two years and we have all moved on to new places but many have taken the magic with them.   We have screenwriters out in L.A., writers for Time magazine, successful doctors, lawyers but most importantly mom’s that are passing on the magic to their kids.   My mom instilled a lot of magic in me.  She fostered confidence in me. She gave 100% back to the community helping in the schools and being involved in the community events.  She was a super mom but passed away early at the age of 59 from Breast Cancer.  October 11 this year would have been her 71st birthday.   This article is a tribute to my mom for her strength and courage.


Recently, I was served a complaint by the United States of America on Sept. 5th this year asking for a legal document I wrote and filed in the Ocean County clerks office to be expunged from the recorders office.  The complaint also asked the court to ban me from doing it again.  The legal basis for such a request and there reason to pray for relief as stated in their complaint is as follows:


1.  Federal rules for civil procedure under rule 3 require a complaint against them must be filed in a court.    This was not stated in the complaint but trying to figure out the legal basis after discussion and research led me to this conclusion since there was no other basis I could come up with.


This seemed strange but I guess my document had some clout to it or they wouldn’t need to sue me to get the document erased or in a magician’s term, make it disappear.


I retained an attorney to help settle the complaint by agreeing to some of the terms and am awaiting their response.   The federal government shut down has delayed their answer which puts them in jeopardy of defaulting on answering.  They gave me 21 days to respond while on my legal documents I gave them 190 days to respond to my complaint.   Seems fair….  By the way, it is nearly 365 days since asking them a question and they have not answered my complaint to the questions asked.  


I ask who should be in default here.  Does the Federal Government, who can evidently sue me at anytime and request that I not be able to file in court ever again, no longer have a duty to respond to its citizens?  However, I find it equally troubling that most of its citizens look at a notice from the IRS as a threat and pay them without even considering if they should or not.  Would you walk into a court room accused of murder and simply walk right into jail without asking a question?  And if the Federal Government had all of the evidence, wouldn’t you feel entitled to view it as well?  That doesn’t seem to be how the story unfolds with the Federal Government. 


You can ask as many questions as you want, but they don’t need to provide you an answer.  Get audited and you have to provide them 100% of your expenses and answer any question they have or it’s deemed non-deductible.  The phrase double standard comes to mind and it’s a real thing, ask any woman who’s ever been beaten out by a man for a job, ask any child that has ever been told “because I said so”, ask any black man that grew up in segregation.  The moral of the story is, if a double standard is so dangerous in our society, how can the Federal Government get away with it without anyone questioning or caring?  Apathy is the only answer I can surmise. 


Well, this has been a two year journey to understand the LAW and we will see which road it leads to.   Maybe my magical document had some effect on the government shutting down.  


I will be updating you on the background of these legal documents as time goes on.  The case number is 3:13-CV-04984-MAS-DEA and the recorded document in Ocean County, New Jersey is Book 15517 Page 68 through Page 71. 




One response

16 10 2013

What was it you were asking that they haven’t answered? I was asking if Article I Section 8 Clause 17 of the US Constitution has it ever been overturned, amended, superceded, suspended by Law and qualified the question with a time frame of 80 days to respond after all inquiries and repeated requests to get an answer. I supplied them with court cases that applied to requirements of them per their laws and also repeatedly ask them for the documents and in some instances was told that, “We will not be answering your question!”

I ask, Is the Government required by Law to Answer Individuals Questions to show proof that the law exists when it relates to a Constitutional Question? My assumptions (and you know about making an ass out of u and me) is that this clause has never been changed and it might be the definition of Federal Jurisdiction in Constitution Law. My research, which is extensive, has concluded Federal Government is limited in Jurisdiction over the States and the People by this Law in its By-Laws the Role of Government.

All comments are welcome.

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