No Blinking Signs

25 12 2012

I received a second letter from the zoning officer saying I will be in possession of a violation of town ordinance Chapter 29-5(a). I was initially informed by the Construction Official who stopped by my office as a courtesy visit to inform me of the first letter that was being sent. He told me the Open Sign in my window violates the zoning ordinance. The open sign is used to inform my customers that I am open for business. This sign is used for the Magic Store which I guess without the sign magically people will know that I am open. The town expects me to purchase a new sign that does not blink Open and has a solid word that states Open. As a magic store that represents a fun and exciting time to challenge the mind, put smiles on the faces of all ages, and most importantly bring Magic to Hightstown. The government wants to violate my rights as a taxpayer, a businessman and most importantly as a individual of the United States.

The concern I have on this zoning ordinance is the violation of two pertinent constitutional rights I have. One being my right to Freedom of Speech and second the right to Private Property rights. All of us have god given rights. Who ever your god is? But there are certain inalienable rights given to us by our Natural Right. Our Constitution codified these rights by men who fought for their freedom from their rulers. The two rights being the 1st Amendment and the 4th Amendment specifically state that I as a citizen of the United States have the right to speak without the infringement of our government. The idea of a town saying I can not have a sign that spells out OPEN truly violates this right. Second, this property that the sign is in does not exist in a government owned piece of property. It is in a privately owned building that the rights on that property reside with the owner and not with the Government. The zoning code which is the creation from a government residing body should and only apply to government building and public places not relate to the private property. This is in all ways a violation of your 4th Amendment rights.




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