Crazy vs Normal

25 07 2012

It has been a few days since the shooting in Colorado and some of the focus is switching from the killer to the weapon he used, the AK15. I am not a gun expert or a gun enthusiast. I prefer rainbows and unicorns. Or at least that is what my wife thinks when she does not see the rainbows and unicorns that I see. The world we live in has gotten crazier as I have gotten older. Sometimes I question if it is me going crazy or just the people and things around me. I am fairly certain that it is not me.

But let’s get back to the AK15. This weapon looks like a powerful weapon. Something like 100 bullets can be shot in less than a minute. I may be off on the specifics, but that’s not the point. I am merely trying to convey that it is an impressive weapon. Would you like to have one?

Well, based on the comments of Mayor Bloomberg and other prominent politicians who have already urged the banning of this weapon or are proponents for gun control, you shouldn’t. However, we must examine the 2nd Amendment when it comes to the Right to Bear Arms. The killer in Colorado was not the person who should have had the AK15 in his hands. It should have been in the hands of the innocent moviegoers who sat in that theater.

As I see it, disarming the citizens through gun control and overall human control leaves us less safe and even less free from ourselves. If I had been in that theater, I would have wanted an AK15 in my hands when that maniac entered, so that I would have a chance to defend myself against him. I would have wished for a weapon even bigger and better and more impressive than his, so that I would have a greater chance to survive and perhaps even deter him.

I want you to reflect on the idea of gun control when it comes to disarming the honest person, the normal person, the person whose moral judgment is to obey their lawmakers. Gun control advocates seem to be missing the point in this tragedy and will likely look to create a law putting more controls in place. Some people will see this as what is needed, while others will shake their heads at the point that is being missed. Our Founders had it right when it came to our Bill of Rights.

The 2nd Amendment was put there for us to remember that it is the innocent person who needs the right to bear arms and not the maniac. The maniac has no care for the law, so putting a law on the books that will add more controls on the innocent will only help the maniac kill more rather than less.

More so than other states, New Jersey has tough gun laws. In light of this tragedy, it would be encouraging to see a lawmaker in my state stand up and declare the right to openly carry a gun the law of this state. Let’s see if anyone in our state government will even raise this issue. My guess is that won’t happen. Instead, I think we will see politicians talk about more gun control. And more human control to help the crazy go on their rampages, while making it tougher for the normal to survive.




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27 07 2012

This is a RIDICULOUS line of reasoning. I would be in favor a repealing the 2nd amendment! I believe that if all guns (especially assualt rifles which have no reason being in ANYONE’S hands but the Military) were made illegal it would definitely decrease (not elliminate) gun murders in the USA. All those owning guns should have a reasonable amount of time to turn them in to the government and after that time, if found with weapons should be fined and reprimanded in some way. (Neil will love this comment!)

6 09 2012

Doug, have you ever heard of the Black Market. All guns had been illegal in D.C. and that city had one of the highest gun crime rates in the US. Restricting guns on law-abiding citizens does just that — restricting guns on law-abiding citizens! Criminals and those intent on causing harm will do so regardless.

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