Is Insurance needed or Health Care?

2 07 2012

I am surrounded in my circle of friends with a lot of Doctors. Doctors from all different specialities. I have family practice doctors, general practitioners, podiatrists, cardiologists, and many other categories and the discussions I have with them is based on one simple fact.

They want to help their patients. They want to take the skills they have learned and apply it in real life. They want to give back one of the best skills needed. To Fix an Individual. To save a life. To make some one better. They want to provide care for a patient and make them live. They want to give them life. They want to give them liberty and the opportunity to pursue happiness.

Insurance is not what we need. Insurance is a middle man getting between you and your doctor. It is creating a divide among us. Insurance is what this country is fighting. We are giving the federal government the power and the right to have us insure anything in the future since Insurance is what was deemed to be constitutional.

I have never felt more violated by our government till 6/28/12. I think that is the day because I am trying to forget that day just like I try to forget 9/11/01. There are moments in our lives that we focus on loss sight of the future. We look back at a moment and determine what our future should be. I am a rainbows and unicorn type of person. I see good. I see peace. I see fun. I see laughing. I see love. I see joy. I see me making a change in this world. I avoid bad. I avoid war. I avoid no fun. I avoid crying. I avoid hate. I avoid sadness.

My previous post was about our Governor. A man who is standing up against bigger government. He does have some faults but his challenge is doing what is right for NJ. I hope he stands up for State’s Rights and talks about Health Care not Insurance. Our country currently has the best doctors in the world.

My son was diagnosed early on in his childhood with a laryngeal web. That is in simple terms an obstruction in the vocal cords. His voice is raspy and that for him is his only condition from it. Maybe that will be his asset when he is older. My wife and I went to a local ear, nose and throat doctor to have him diagnosed. My wife and I felt we were the Guinea Pig for these doctors. The excitement of each doctor we met who heard our son had a laryngeal web got gitty (if that is the spelling) over seeing this since it would be there first time seeing this for real and not in a book. We were discouraged by the lack of experience the doctors we met had on this subject but the only good that come out of it was there general suggestion. If you want the best go see Dr. Cotton in Cincinnati. I think it was two or three ENT doctors that said the same thing without giving them Dr. Cotton’s name. Each independently said, if you really want the best opinion go see Dr. Cotton in Cincinnati. There was one experience with one doctor who’s excitement to do a surgery on my son scared us because my wife and I felt it was his first ever.

Anyway, we ended up scheduling an appointment with him after sending him the reports from these consultations we had with the other doctors and he took our case. This was Health Care being provided not Insurance. Dr. Cotton’s office was one of the best I have ever dealt with. They predetermined the coverage I had. They predetermined the cost it was to me. They predetermined if it was not covered that I would be able to afford it. They worked with me.

My insurance I had at that time was not the best type of insurance. My insurance was affordable to me. It was affordable to my employees. But the concern of the doctor I dealt with was concerned for my sons Health Care. Doctors today are treated much different than they were in the past.

Doctors provided Health Care to patients and patients dealt with their Doctors. We have put this third party between us and now the insurance company negotiates for us. If I am a dying man, I prefer to negotiate with my doctor not anyone else unless I knew they loved me like my wife, father, or kids. I am not sure if I would want an insurance company deciding if the procedure that is going to cost the insurance company a lot of money is going to be done or not.

I have never met a doctor that has no heart. I have never met a doctor who believes in helping the patient. If I ever met a doctor that had no heart and did not believe in helping me, they would not be my doctor and I would not send anyone to them. Therefore this doctor would not be a practicing doctor but a bankrupt doctor.

So I ask, do we need insurance or Health Care?
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