Governor Christie to uphold State’s Rights in New Jersey

2 07 2012

This article has not been edited for Grammar, Spelling, Run On Sentences, Punctuations, Capitalization, and/or any other English related class. I am a CPA who excels in Math and lacks in the area of writing. My editors are working on this part so please enjoy before the final article comes out.

Rumor has it that Governor Christie will be coming out strongly for State’s Rights, 10th Amendment, to stand up for New Jersey and it’s right to not allow Obamacare to come to New Jersey. As a Republican Governor and a man to stand up to the wrong that comes from government intervention, Christie feels the 10th Amendment in the Constitution must be enforced over Judge Roberts, supreme court judge, who ruled in favor of the Constitutionality of Obamacare.

State’s Rights one of the most important Amendment to the constitution give our Governor this right. I would be very surprised if Governor Christie goes against his word by not using this power. I personally believe if Christie does come out with this stance, he will go down in History not only in New Jersey but in the World for taking on the King, Obama.

Now to get back to State’s Rights, there are two great documents discussed back in history on what the meaning of State’s Rights are: they are the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions. I would highly recommend reading these or googling them.

Here is a link:

New Jersey in the Year 2012 needs to make its own Resolution that the Federal Government can not and will not have the right to tell New Jersey what to do. This would be in my mind, what a Big Fat Italian would say coming from New Jersey. Probably would be in line with the many other things we have heard coming from him in the past.

Governor Christie has taken on many great things in NJ and is trying to right what is wrong but going about it the wrong way. His use of Force and Intimidation, falls right in line with how TV has portrayed NJ Italian Families. I remember when I was a kid only 23, right out of college, I moved to Hoboken, the home to Frank Sinatra. We had clubs that were on almost every corner of Hoboken and they were known as the Mafia hangouts. The day after I bought my first condo, the FBI raid two clubs on each corner of my city block. It turned out to be if I remember correctly the Genovese and Gambino families. My thoughts back then being young and stupid was thank god they got ride of one of the biggest crime families since I was told that. Wikipedia today reports them as

As an older and wiser person, I realized they are not criminals they are the governments competition. In business it is wise to get rid of your competition.

Now back to Christie and his upholding State’s Rights, this message from Christie is expected to be announced on July 4th, Independence Day. The day we won our freedom. The day America was born and the day in our lives people remember Individualism. For the record, their is a Constitution Day that goes unrecognized by many. The New Jersey Resolution will be heard around the world.

New Jersey must and will stand up for State’s Rights before the Federal Government will make any law and Judge Roberts will declare it Constitutional and our King will rule the world. What palace did Judge Roberts just inherit…..




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2 07 2012
Jersey Teapot

Christie flip flops on states rights depending on the issue.

2 07 2012
Jersey Teapot

Reblogged this on Jersey Teapot and commented:
Christie is a flip flopper when it comes to states rights.

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