Republican Party to commit Suicide

22 04 2012

Over the past 4 years, I have witnessed a battle being waged from within one’s group. I have watched disagreements and complete ignorance of a chance for the Republican party to embrace members but more likely will turn them off and risk the chance of ruining and shrinking the party, thereby committing suicide in the process.

A recent member of the Republican party sent a video to a prominent member of the Republican Party and asked them to watch this video. It was a true Republican speaking about the tenants of limited govt., fiscal conservative, liberty for us all, pro-life, and a true respect for the United States Constitution and the response from the prominent member was, “I guess you are not a Republican anymore.” which based on a statement like that means Republicans do not believe in the beliefs above. They do not believe in the Constituion, they do not believe in sound fiscal policy, they do not believe in the role of the Federal Govt.

The Republican Party has lost its way and with it will lose a lot more members if it does not recognize the fact that the constitution limits our governments power, the constitution sets the role of govt out for a segregration of its roles to limit its power, the constitution defines the freedoms we as humans deserve in the United States of America. The constitution establishes a limited role for a Federal govt and gives States the bigger role in the rule of law. The constitution at its best tried to limit centralization of power and limit the rule of law from top down rather for it to be a bottom up direction.

As the nomination for the next President is soon to be determined by the Party, the Republican party must be careful not to alienate its member and loss them forever. We must respect the differences we see in our approach to the role of the Federal Govt but do not question if a person with values stated above: Fiscal Conservative, Limited govt, Pro-life, Respect for the Constitution, and Liberty for us all is not a Republican.

I would say, please look in the mirror before you throw stones in a glass house. The party must recognize the strengths it has and the ability for it to grow larger before it commits its own Suicide.




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