Liberty University Revolts Against The Republican Darling

22 04 2012

I just read an Article saying Liberty University is holding a Revolution against Mitt Romney. I wonder why they should do such a thing to the chosen one. I wonder why the students do not just stop complaining and listen to their masters. I wonder why a College Student should not just sit in class and accept the indoctrination into Keynes Economics. I wonder why most teachers continue pushing a history lesson on students that are Broken and Failed Policies. Our country is close to a collapse of it’s Currency and we are worried about a mad man in a Middle Eastern country that currently does not have a Nuclear Weapon, a country that can not produce it’s own Gas and maybe in the future (date TBD) have one Nuclear War Head that if fired will have over 380 Nuclear War Heads from Israel being fired back, hopefully without the US Permission. Liberty University students you should be ashamed of yourselves for Revolting against Romney. Please go back to taking the Dlue Pill or the Red Pill (I relate the Pills to M&M’s each pill will have a D on it or a R on it).

Students, please stop supporting Ron Paul.

He is CRAZY. Crazy to tell you the honest truth. Crazy like James Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life where he is telling you, “Your money is in Joe’s house and your money is in Sally’s house and your money is with Neil’s business. We can get through this. How much do you need right now? How much do you need? See we can do this, we can make it through this mess.”. Please take the time to read Wikipedia on the Movie Plot. Substitute these characters for the movie. George Bailey being played by US. Each and everyone one of us is a George Bailey. Clarence played by Dr. Ron Paul. George Bailey brother played by Mitt Romney. Henry Potter played by our Current Gov and the Federal Reserve Bank. Dr. Paul’s message is about Liberty and Freedom. Belief in oneself and you are someone’s treasure even when you are down and out. Let’s get Dr. Paul some Wings.

Oh I forgot, Students forget about that analogy go back to the M&M’s.

He is OLD. OLD like Santiago in THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA by Earnest Hemmingway. Please take the time to read Wikipedia and THE OLD MAN AND THE SEA substitute these characters with these Actors in the Plot Summary. Dr. Ron E Paul, playing Santiago. Mitt Romney playing the Marlin. Obama playing the Sharks. Manolin playing any college student reading this. Be proud that you support Dr. Paul. His knowledge and wisdom and honesty is a breath of fresh air.

Why do I do this? Students of Liberty University support Romney the Keynesian Republican Candidate who does want to stop our current War Policy. Support Romney since he does not feel the Federal Reserve System is not the problem but the solution. Support Romney because yesterday he was for Gay Marriage and today he is not. Support Romney because yesterday he was for Romneycare but today he is not for Obamacare.

He CAN NOT WIN. CAN NOT WIN like Louden Swain in Vision Quest. Please take the time to read Wikipedia on this. Actors are as follows. Dr. Ron Paul plays Louden Swain. Mitt Romney plays Brian Shute. In the end, Dr. Paul wins. His message is clear, his vision is on the message and students of Liberty University see and hear the message loud and clear.

All comments are welcome to this and please pass this on to friends and family.




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