Being Searched without my Permission

22 04 2012

Well today was the first time ever, I was stopped and searched without my permission. I was leaving on vacation after a long hard tax season educating my clients on our tax system. I have been working 17 hour days most of tax season to help support my family. I have been losing sleep over our Country’s economic situation. I am not looking forward to a General Election of Obama vs Romney. The option’s between the two are very little. Obama has been in War for four years. Romney will continue the same. Obama has not audited the Federal Reserve and Romney will not either. Obama created Obamacare Romney created Romneycare. So it will again be a Better of Two Evil options. So now I have time to Blog on two things today, Liberty University and being searched without my permission.

I woke up at 3 am this morning to drive one hour and fifteen minutes to Atlantic City Airport to get on a six am flight. My in-laws drove my luggage down to Florida since I do not want to pay the crazy fees Spirit Airlines charges but besides that is a great Airline. So we were able to arrive 45 minutes before the flight to go through security. A little background, I am an American, born in the US. Visited all 50 states in America. Love’s America and this might sound dorky but Studies the US Constitution. There is a lot to understand of that document since I know each word was chosen specifically for how a government should behave.

We entered the security line and was escorted to the family line were my kids and wife were asked to go through the Metal Detector. I asked also to go through the Metal Detector which the TSA agent said sorry, you must go through this big ass machine that I have no idea what is will do to me. Will it see me naked? Will it hit me with some radiation I have no idea what is going in my body? What does that machine really accomplish? To me we will find out 15 years and 15 trillion dollars later in an expense that it did not detect one thing and someone got a lot of money from my tax dollars to pay for this. So I asked again the TSA agent, my I please go through the Metal Detector and he said sorry you must go through the new machine. I declined that option so they asked to take me aside and search me. I declined that as well but they said that this was my only option or I could not fly to my vacation. My kids and wife were asked to sit aside while they escorted me to an open screening area for me to be searched. I again asked the TSA agent why my you do this. He said it was for the protection of the other passengers. I told him I was not a terrorist and a proud American as I wore my Ron Paul , Hope for America t-shirt along with my Ron Paul sweater and a Pin on my jacket for Ron Paul. Could not have asked for a more American person than that? Well he started with my head to feel the oils coming out of my scalp. He preceded to touch my upper torso feeling the front of my chest and then down each arm and then down and up my back. I told him to slow down since this does not happen to often. Just kidding but this does seem like almost an erotic story but it does get better. He then told me to spread my legs cause he was going to go up and down my legs feel the inside of my groin and touch my rear end with the back of his hands. I am not kidding you. Everyone must refuse the scanner to get this experience. Pretty humiliating to say the least as my kids where asking, “Daddy, did you do something wrong? where you hiding something, Dad?” I just said to my kids this is what the New America is about. We did not have to go through this when I was a kid.

I also asked the TSA agent if this made any sense which in his Robotic voice said, This is what we need to do. Wake up America before the search is in your home without your permission. Oh I forgot, we have the NDAA law that just passed that takes care of that.

All comments are welcome on this blog. I do not edit my material at first but if someone who writes well and edits wants to edit the grammar, please do and send me an update. Thanks.




One response

22 04 2012

Well I would have totally profiled you……since I know just how sketchy a character you happen to be! They should have strip-searched you!!

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