Are you smarter than a Congressman?

22 04 2012

Recently, I was having a conversation with my five and seven year old and decided to question them on fundamental financial question. As a CPA, I have always stressed the issue of financial responsibility and living within your means. I have stressed the understanding of managing your finances and what money is. So I asked my two boys, Parker and Monroe, simple questions. The first question was if you made $100 a year would you spend more than $100 or spend less? The second question was would you ever spend more then you would make? The final question was Are you smarter than a Congressman? Their answers were a resounding Less, No and Yes respectively.

Well I know you guys would answer the same way because if you answer it the wrong way it makes no sense…

I would love you to ask any kid these questions and see if they ever get it wrong. So this is the reason kids are smarter than a Congressman? Please look at the record of your current congressman and look at the candidates running against them and consider replacing our current congressman with new ones who hopefully understand the financial mess we are in and put us back on the right path.




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