I am running as a Congressional Delegate in New Jersey

15 03 2012

I am running as a Congressional Delegate for the Republican Party in the New Jersey primary on June 5.  I am honored to put my name on the ballot along with a host of other friends, acquaintances and Americans who realize there is something wrong with the direction in which our country is heading.

For the past 5 years I have immersed myself in economic studies, political activism and behavioral studies.  During this time, I also started two new companies: a magic store and a payroll service.  Through these companies and my existing businesses — Castle Consulting and Travel By Castle — I have helped hundreds of other people start their own companies.   These companies range from Internet companies to retail stores, restaurants, entertainment companies, medical and veterinary practices, consulting businesses, non-profit organizations and many more.

It is a joy to me to see someone take a risk, invest in themselves and watch them succeed.  But the truth is, not everyone is successful.  What I mean is that some of the businesses have had to close their doors due to the economy.  I do not mean that those people taking the risk were not successful.  In my opinion, they were successful because they said “I can” and got over the hurdle of the most common phrase, “I can’t.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I always say:  “Yes, you can.”  My two boys, ages 7 and 5, have heard me say this to them often when they ask for my help and say: “Dad, I can’t defeat this level,” referring to video games. I always say, “Yes you can!  You might not be able to do it right now, but you will be able to do it later.  Just keep trying!”

Well, today, I can become the delegate for the 4th Congressional District and I know I can win this.

The reasons why I am running are simple.  The delegate goes to the national convention in Tampa, Florida, to help structure the platform of the Republican Party.  As many will agree, the Party has lost its way.  We have four different candidates running for President and they all claim to be Republican, but so far, it seems that the country is divided.  All four candidates have won a primary in different states or territories and no one currently has secured enough votes to win in Tampa.

My view for the right direction of the Republican Party is divided into three parts.

Part One is a constitutional war platform.  We have now been at war longer than I could have ever imagined and not one of these wars was declared by Congress.  If America wants to go to war, Congress was given the power to declare it, define it and vote on it.   I would love to see America get back to this process, end the unconstitutional wars we are currently involved in and bring the troops home.  Send them only if it is a declared war.  Therefore, we need to give the power back to Congress to declare a war before we enter into a war and not have the power in the President’s hands or in those of other international bodies like the United Nations or NATO.

Part Two is a sound money policy.  The expansion of our money supply as a result of the federal government increasing its credit limit and the Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air is putting more pressure on the value of the US dollar and making the rest of the world reluctant to use the dollar as the international standard.  Some countries are currently trying to trade their currencies without using the dollar as the standard.  This is putting mounting pressure on the dollar’s value, leading to a decline in the purchasing power of the money in our pockets.  In turn, this is leading to increased prices in the supermarkets, at gas stations and for many other goods and services.  We need to stop this or we will not be able to afford the essentials we need to survive and live productive lives.  Therefore, as the Republican Party, we need to make sound money policy part of our platform.

Part Three is a civil liberties policy.  You are born free. You have the right to your life.  You have the right to your liberty.  You have the right to pursue happiness.  These rights are given to you by no one but you and your GOD, nor should not be taken from you nor a law be created that infringes upon them.  Over these past 12 years, since 9/11, a lot of these rights have been challenged by our government.  The National Defense Authorization Act, which was recently passed, gives the government the right to detain an American indefinitely without due process.  The Transportation Safety Administration has installed X-ray machines that can see through your clothes and has the right to search you without reasonable cause.  Happiness is believing in yourself enough to say that you can do something on your own like starting a new business.  However, the regulations that are being passed down have made it harder to do so and succeed without having the fear of government coming after you.  This is the reason we need to focus on a civil liberties policy being part of the Republican platform.

I hope that, when you go to the booth on June 5, you vote for the presidential candidate of your choice, but that you also vote for the delegates who believe in the principles and ideals I described above.  The Republican Platform needs to get back to its roots.

The congressional delegates and the at-large delegates that have “Paul” next to their name all stand for this platform and have been vetted and approved by volunteers like myself and not by any Presidential candidate.

We do believe that Dr. Paul stands closest to these principles as well and has been consistently speaking about these issues for over 30 years.




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