Drs. King and Paul

16 01 2012

To celebrate Dr. King on this day is to reflect back on his life and his motivation to inspire. I had the privilege of going to Dr. King’s memorial in 1994 as I traveled the US, I had graduated a year earlier from college and three friends and I was on a mission to visit all 50 states and stop at historic sites and fun places throughout the US. Three of the stops were to Dr. Kings memorial, his birthplace and to the hotel where Dr. King was assassinated.

Dr. King’s passion to inspire with words and logic in his lifetime was a revolution in it’s time and changed America for the better by lifting up the minds of others. This was his lasting legacy. To talk to people’s minds and open them up to the idea of individual respect, responsibility and belief, we as a country grew from it. America is a melting pot of all races, religions, creeds, beliefs, and most important opportunity. Each and everyone one of us must respect that. Dr. King’s goal was to lift up himself and in the process make others lift themselves up. Peaceful revolution was the fire he lit up under a tired minority which led to many changes in our society.

I applaud Dr. King for his passion and patience he had to go forward and never bent to compromise. I applaud Dr. King for the inspiration he had among the American psyche. I applaud Dr. King for the recognition he deserves for always pushing each of us to be better and that you can always lead by example through a peaceful revolt. I applaud Dr. King as an icon and legend who deserves a day of recognition for not only the black community but to all of us.

These are the principals which we should all strive for as individuals to respect others for their passion, mind, and freedom. As a Dr. Paul supporter, his goal is to make our society understand what the role of the federal got. is and not change a community for what it believes in. Respecting the individual, respects their rights at the local level and does not infringe upon the freedom our country was founded on. Respecting the 10th Amendment gives power back to the people. Respecting the 10th Amendment controls the govt. and does not control the people. Respecting the 10th Amendment limits the role of the Federal Govt and not limit a community for its rights.

The two Drs. stood and stand on principal and did not change from it. The minds of America today are changing for the better but understanding the message Dr. Paul is spreading will make our country the light others will follow and not the force we try to make others swallow.

Love inserted in rEVOLution is what each of us should strive for.




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