Wrestling with Life

6 01 2012

So tomorrow will be my first Wrestling Match as the head coach of the 5-7 year old group. The practices have been fun playing Simon Says with the kids, playing Sharks and Minnows, playing King of the Mountain and of course teaching them the basics of Wrestling. Wrestling is one of the best sports for kids to develop their own confidence in themselves, learn that no matter what size, shape, or confidence level you have; you win some and lose some in this sport.

A coach helps in the learning process, teaching skills like sprawls, drop steps, stand ups, sit outs, breakdowns and pinning moves. Sometimes a wrestler will be on the defense and sometimes on the offense. Sometimes a wrestler will be on top and sometimes on the bottom, Sometimes a wrestler will be close to a win and sometimes will be close to a loss. Sometimes a wrestler will lose focus on the goal while sometimes he is destined to reach it.

These are life lessons, these are fundamental concepts for the sport I love to watch and finally am giving back to it. The kids that participate around the country in this sport are getting more out of this then in the sport itself. These skills they learn will be used everyday of their lives and in the long run will help them later in their lives.




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