Will The Republican Party Endorse Dr. Ron Paul?

21 12 2011

The gloves are coming off as Dr. Paul takes the lead in the polls heading into the Iowa caucus and all we hear from the Republican Establishment is, “He is Unelectable.” “He is too Old”, “His Foreign Policy is completely wrong” “He will not beat Obama” “He will ruin our chances of defeating Obama” and on and on with different reasons.

The backlash of the Republican Party to not accept him has become a joke that even comics are picking up on it and including it in their shows. One recent article criticized Dr Paul for not endorsing the Republican nomination back in 2008, Mr. McCain. Well, Dr. Paul always looks at the issues from a different view and on principle and inner strength will only support candidates that stand up to the Constitution. The question I ask; Will the Republican Party endorse and standby Dr. Paul if he wins the Republican nomination?

I tend to see this question as a true eye opener of how our Govt. works and the forces that is at work behind the scenes. Dr. Paul stands firm and principled on the Constitution. He does not sway from a document that he and everyone in Public office takes an oath to. What is wrong with that? What is wrong with everyone else that either slowly moves away from that principle or quickly rewrites the idea of our constitution? What is wrong with a President who understands the role of the three branches and is willing to give that power back? What is wrong with a President who wants to tread lightly on endless wars and figure out how to end them? What is wrong with a President who looks at our economic picture and wants to improve it quickly because spending is our problem? What is wrong with not spending money we do not have? What is wrong with a President who will endorse defense of our country and liberty for us all?

I do not see anything wrong with that but I do see the Republican Establishment seeing it as wrong to back Dr. Paul as the Republican Party’s candidate.

I wrote this article in Dec 21, 2011 and am now updating it on November 16, 2012 a year later. So to look back at the outcome and the loss the Republican Party took. Think about this, Romney lost to the guy, who lost to guy who has increased our Debt to over 16,000,000,000,000 on the books and off the books Debt to over 75,000,000,000,000 and is expected to increase our debt 1.5 trillion over next year. But please do not blame Obama blame the Congress. They are the ones who put the budget together. Obama might make suggestions like lets steal from wealthy people and give it to banks or to the Federal Reserve to pay off the interest on their loan or send an American overseas to Benghazi without military to defend him. Seems like cold blooded assassination of an American by the hands of our President who is the Commander in Chief and makes the decision on our defense. If I was an American I would be more concerned of our government turning on us and sending us to be killed while they sit on the top of the mountain eating at the best restaurants, going on the nicest vacations, being honored like a King. I expect he will pull a Michael Bloomberg, who I have lost the most respect for along with Donald Trump. Two guys who are the most pompous assholes. One telling individuals what they can eat, where they can smoke, and who can get gas on even and odd days. The other calling out our President for having a fake Birth Certificate. Like no one wants to call the Donald out for his toupee. Who gives a shit about number 2 when number 1 keeps getting re-elected year after year after year. My congressman Chris Smith, voted to bail out the banks, voted for the wars, voted for NDAA, voted for SIPA, voted for the TSA, Homeland Security, voted for taxes, voted for every bad thing I can think of.

Back to what I expect by 2014 Obama will talk about amending the constitution for Presidents to sit in office more than two terms and he will get it from the Senate since his boys have the power and he will press the Republicans in the House since their House is shrinking or should I say sinking and we will call it Obamaterm. Obamaterm will save the world. It will allow us to be ruled by a leader and not a President. He will have the most czars in the world. His birth certificate if Donald is right will now be valid as he will be the ruler of the world so he will be a natural born citizen.

You as a citizen have the right to Redress Your Grievances against them and they must answer. This is the law of the land. First Amendment right. Just like speaking, questioning the govt is legal and your right. If they do not answer you have a valid claim against them. Silence in law is equal to Fraud. Fraud is punishable by the law in two ways, a monetary punishment or a criminal punishment. That is the law. I hope anyone i send a grievance to has money to pay up since I do not want you in jail. I want to steal from the rich and give to the poor. Just kidding about stealing cause I sure would not want to break the law, actually that is one of the Ten Commandments from God and I am not very religious. I am just interested in my freedom no one elses. If you want freedom come check out my magic show at It’s Magic in Hightstown, NJ if we have a crowd we will move the show to the big stage in the building. The cost to see that show is $20 per person. You will learn your rights. You will learn the role Federal Govt was defined by law. I am usually at the store Monday through Friday – 10 am to 2 pm.

If you want to come and debate it, please come as well I like a good debate.




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