I endorse Financial Responsibility

25 10 2011

As a CPA, it is my responsibility to understand, teach, and pass on living with in ones means.  The temptation to live outside your means is easy.  The goods and services available these days range from a small dollar to big dollars.   The most important thing to remember is to determine your income and spend with in that limit.

With the economy taking a turn for the worse, examples set for us are not ones to be learning from but completely the opposite.   The federal government is taking in less money than it is putting out.   The state governments are borrowing money to pay for programs in place.  Local governments are facing financial problems.  These are not the lessons to be showing our next generation so therefore I endorse Financial Responsibility.

The first step is reducing spending habits.  The second step is to know your income.   Income is not the problem, spending is.    So get on the path of Financial Responsibility by reducing your spending habits.   Figure out your income and spend less than that.

So as a CPA I 100% endorse Financial Responsibility.




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