Does this make sense?

17 01 2010

I often wonder when things do not make sense why people still go along with it.  I often wonder what will it take for people to stand up and shout in disagreement when things do not make sense.   I often wonder what the next thing government will do that does not make sense.  I have come to conclude that almost everything government does, does not make sense?

I will touch on foreign policy, health care and taxes on the things that do not make sense?

On Foreign Policy we go around the world trying to spread the belief and ideas of America on others while the idea of Freedom is to let people be an individual without government forcing their ideas on them.  Does this make sense?  On the idea that a terror war is truly faceless and the more we bomb, attack, and occupy the country we invade might cause more terrorist to be created.  If we left them alone, maybe just maybe less terrorist will want to do harm to a country that does not bother them.  Does this make sense?   Please look up the term Blow Back and understand the repercussion of our actions.

On Health Care Reform, every American at this time can get Health Care but not everyone has Health Insurance.  So why are we fighting for 10% of the Americans who do not have Health INSURANCE to get it when the goal is for every American to have Health Care.  Does this make sense?  Health Care Reform is a continuation of more money trying to be pulled from one American sector into the hands of Washington to be used at their discretion.  Does this make sense?

On Individual Taxes, I as an american work for $1 because the cost of my own labor is $1 but the govt wants to tax you on the dollar.   In accounting, Income less the Cost of that income is your net profit which a company pays tax on.  For the working class, they pay tax on the income regardless of what the labor (time) costs.  Does this make sense?   When you die and you have paid taxes all your life, the government still wants to tax what remains.  Does this make sense?  In the Private sector, the best customer will get discounts on volume of business while an individual who pays the most to the govt to run would not get the benefit of the doubt on a small penalty waiver.  Does this make sense?

We must question or own minds on what is right and wrong in any society and try to make it better.   We must truly believe in ourselves before we believe in others.   We must question authority at all times to make sure that their way makes sense.  I for one have come to the conclusion that Individual Liberty and Freedom and limited Govt makes sense.   The invisible hand that runs the economy works itself out with out the Govt hand trying to control it.




One response

3 09 2010

Good stuff…. and while I don’t think I know enough to express myself quite as you have… I am very frustrated, thank you for sharing this. You helped educate me a bit.

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