More Debt, More Spending

17 12 2009

So today I read that the House of Representatives, which I am sorry to say they are not representing my fiscal responsibility, live within my means, spend only what you can type of representation, voted to increase the debt ceiling $290B and create another stimulus bill $154B.   I am truly in a bad dream wondering when I will wake up.    I educate my clients on living within their means.  I educate my clients on the idea that a tax refund is just overpaying them and waiting for their change.  I educate my clients on financing their homes and the different options out there.  I educate and try to help solve their problems.

This problem has an easy solution but very few people are standing up for it.  The idea of getting their fiscal house in order.   Chaos is an appropriate word for what is going on.   The idea that to fix one thing is breaking another is where we are at.    But the right solution is to step back and let the pieces fall where they may.    If a large corp or bank or small business fails you have to let it fail,  there is a reason why it fails.

Most people are unaware of how the govt wil get their money,  the latest way has been to create it out of thin air.  Think about that!!!!   Money just magically appears from a touch of a button.     Don’t we all wish to have that magic button.    Well remember friends, every dollar they create decreases the value of your dollar that is a fact.

So please Congress no more debt and please stop the spending.




One response

23 12 2009
Stephen Caggiano

Interesting that those of us who cannot print our own money tend to spend less. U.S. citizens’ money supply is finite, whilst the government’s (and we, of course, all understand that the people are the government, wink, wink) is infinite. This is the work of the Federal Reserve System, the U.S. Treasury, Congress and the President, in that order. When all are taken into account when considering why the U.S. Government continues down an unsustainable policy of outlandish spending, there will be few, but defined, reasons. None are pleasant, nor do any of them have positive outcomes. In large part, it comes down to control over the people, and the most effective way for them to do this is through the control of money.

There are many examples to illustrate the government’s control over society through money, some are blatant (income tax), others are surreptitious and downright deceitful (i.e., inflation, which steals from those who save).

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